[message_box title=”Article Objective: Article Series on Importance of Lymphatic Vessels in Rosacea Treatment” color=”red”]Article [Pt.2] There are multiple nutraceuticals that have been clinically proven to repair damaged lymphatic vessels, aid in their proper function, help them engulf inflammatory molecules & inactivate them, and induce growth of new, healthy lymphatic vessels in areas of skin where long-standing inflammation has decimated these important vessels.  Rosadyn+ has five potent nutraceuticals clinically proven to repair and normalize damaged blood vessels — 95% OPC Pine Bark Extract, Enzyme-Activated Sulforaphane, Rutin Bioflavanoid, Hesperidin Bioflavanoid and Menaquinone-7[/message_box]

Rosadyn+ Fills an Important Void in the Treatment of Rosacea

There are currently no prescription treatments, laser treatments, LED light or over-the-counter treatments that repair rosacea-damaged lymphatic vessels, fix non-functional lymphatic vessels or stimulate new growth of lymphatic vessels from pre-existing branches.  This crucial part of treatment has been completely overlooked by almost all physicians… and it’s probably one of the main reasons rosacea sufferers only notice mild improvement in symptoms with most standard medical treatments and no improvement in rosacea triggers.   This is such an important part of rosacea treatment that Vascular Health Specialists focused considerable time, research and testing  into finding multiple pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals that have been clinically proven to help every aspect of lymphatic health in rosacea-affected skin.  The biopsies, the medical research and the Doppler system measurements showed just how important it was to treat these fragile vessels — so much so — that we don’t believe most rosacea sufferers can fully treat rosacea symptoms and triggers without targeting lymphatic vessel damage and dysfunction.  Our research highlighted five main nutraceuticals that each benefited lymphatic vessels in a different way.

  1. 95% OPC Pine Bark Extract
  2. Enzyme-Activated Sulforaphane
  3. Rutin Bioflavanoid
  4. Hesperidin Bioflavanoid
  5. Menaquinone-7


95% OPC Pine Bark Extract

  • Repairs damaged lymphatic blood vessels
  • Thickens the thin fragile wall of most lymphatic vessels
  • Binds to muccopolysaccharides on inside and outside of vessel which helps protect the wall from rosacea-mediated inflammation
  • This high level antioxidant protects lymphatic blood vessels from damaging free radicals — the number 1 reason for vascular damage and dysfunction
  • Stimulates growth of damaged lymphatic vessels, increasing the length and number of branches on many vessels


Enzyme-Activated Sulforaphane

  • Our new enzyme-activated Sulforaphane is one of the best detoxifier yet discovered.  This substance not only protects blood vessels via its potent anti-oxidant actions, but it gets into the nucleus where it detoxifies areas of inflammation before they can do any harm.  This protection cannot be overstated because it is at the level of the DNA and genetic material where mild inflammation stimulates the production of damaged DNA proteins and feeds the inflammatory cycle
  • Sulforaphane, at clinical doses, is one of the best physical repairer of damaged lymphatic vessels and works synergistically with 95% OPC Pine Bark Extract


Rutin Bioflavanoid

  • Rutin directly incorporates itself into lymphatic cellular walls making them stronger, healthier and protecting them from inflammatory enzyme damage
  • This bioflavanoid helps the lymphatic vessel function more effectively by stimulating the motility throughout the vessel wall so that inflammatory molecules can be taken back to lymph nodes more quickly to be de-activated and broken down into inert pieces
  • Rutin helps recycle our Pine Bark extract, making this extract even more potent


Hesperidin Bioflavanoid

  • Hesperidin works with Pine Bark Extract and Sulforaphane to repair damaged lymphatic vessels and quench vascular wall inflammation
  • Hesperidin is a potent antioxidant that quenches many dangerous forms of free radicals produced in rosacea-active skin… so these vessels stay healthy and function normally
  • Hesperidin makes lymphatic vessels more effective by allowing them to engulf greater numbers of inflammatory molecules — and at the same time — protects the inside lining from any damage that may be caused by these substances.



  • Menaquinone-7 has a very unique mechanism of action.  This substance inhibits an enzyme that allows calcium to build up in the lymphatic vessel’s wall — stopping the process of “vascular hardening” where lymphatic vessels stop functioning normally because they calcify.  This is not only an inflammatory process, but it occurs as vessels age, so Menaquinone-7 keeps vessels younger and healthier for a much longer time whether they are subject to daily bouts of inflammation or just plain aging.


Add Rosadyn+ to your Treatment Regimen — Your Lymphatics will Thank You

Once again, this treatment is completely overlooked by the medical establishment and even Naturopathic Physicians.

The five special ingredients that target lymphatic vessel health and protection will make a noticeable difference for many rosacea sufferers.