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Finally a rosacea sensitive skin serum that helps with redness and inflammation but is also anti-aging and nourishing for your skin too! Rosadyn Reparative Serum topical skin care contains skin loving vitamins and nutrients that help to repair and strengthen your skin barrier, hydrating and moisturizing with powerful anti-aging enzymes even the most sensitive skin types can love.  Best yet, our repairtive skin serum is formulated with organic ingredients, no sulfates, parabens, phthalets, petroleum or added fragrance either!

Ocular Rosacea

Like facial rosacea there is no known cause or cure for ocular rosacea just management and symptom reduction.

Ocular Rosacea ( rosacea subtype 4)  like facial rosacea share many of the same root causes, triggers and lifestyle requirements   but…  ocular rosacea involves the eye lids and eye surface and has its own unique characteristics.

Ocular rosacea can manifest on its own with or without facial rosacea.  If you suffer both ocular and facial rosacea you can exhibit differing intensities of  facial vs. ocular  symptoms. Meaning, you could have intense facial burning and redness while having a mild case of ocular rosacea and visa versa.   Reports show that facial rosacea affects more women and ocular rosacea affects more men.  Blephartis it also found with many ocular rosacea sufferers. Due to its  eyelid inflammation accompanied by a bacterial eye infection .



Ocular RosaceaSymptoms of ocular rosacea


✔ Red, blood shot, swollen eye lids and/or blood shot looking  eyes

✔ Sties ( or have them frequently)

✔ Red bumps by the eye

✔ Crusty eye lids.

✔ Itching, burning, stinging.

✔ Dry eyes.

 Feeling as if you always have sand in your eye.

 Light sensitivity


Seek Medical Diagnosis for Ocular Rosacea

If you think you have ocular rosacea, please don’t try to dyi treatment with visine or other otc products as their ingredients can actually make your symptoms worse.  Visit your doctor first to confirm that you do have ocular rosacea verses some other ocular or health issue (conjunctivitis,  graves disease (autoimmune – thyroid disorder) because they can exhibit similar eye symptoms) .

Write It Down:  Make sure to share with your doctor the symptoms your exhibiting, especially if you have been diagnosed with facial rosacea.  Also discuss with your doctor your medical history and any medications you may be taking so they can rule out “medication or other health concerns” being the root cause for your ocular symptoms.  Also pre-write down any questions and concerns you may have and bring them with you to your appointment …..

How is ocular rosacea diagnosed?


✔ Your doctor will review your symptoms.

✔ Eye examination

✔ Medical history – this is why its key that you share a complete lifestyle, symptoms and medical information including medications, supplements, otc products used and/or prior treatments. This is so your medical professional can arrive at a accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Ocular rosacea flares and triggers


✔ Heat both environmental as well as spicy foods

✔ Allergies and dusty environments.

✔ Emotional stresses

✔ Strenuous exercise

✔ Eye strain

✔ Poor diet and smoking

✔ Reaction to drug therapy – like blood pressure medicine

✔ Agitation by Over the counter products surrounding or used directly in the eye.

✔ Hormone imbalance

Treatments for ocular rosacea


Treating  ocular rosacea follows a similar path to treating facial rosacea. Management and progression containment is the goal as like facial rosacea there is no cure for ocular rosacea.

✔ Oral antibiotics prescribed for rosacea : tetracyclines, doxcycline and in severe cases erythromycin or minocyclines.

✔ Infrequently you may be prescribed  corticosteroids to reduce inflammation

✔ See our Guide for commonly prescribed medications for rosacea

At home treatment and care


✔ Use artificial tears for dryness as recommended by your doctor.

✔ Avoid harsh facial products and anti aging eye treatments that could cause irritation.  Stick to facial rosacea friendly skin care products.

✔ Avoid wearing your contacts while your experiencing a ocular rosacea flare up.

✔ Warm and cool vs hot and cold…. extreme temperatures are not your friend. Cool compresses can be soothing for tired swollen eyes.

✔ Eat a healthy “rosacea diet”  basically anti-inflammatory diet much like that of a diabetic diet, its hearth healthy too.

✔ Support your internal system with nutritional, vitamin and supplement support. Even with proper nutrition rosacea sufferers need extra help boosting their bodies own healing and defense systems.

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