Menopause Triggered My Rosacea

I am 54 years old and have been enjoying menopausal symptoms for about 3 years now.  “Enjoy” is not the verb I want to use but I will keep it dignified.  One of the funnest parts of menopause are the hot flashes.  I think I just triggered one writing that.  I also have rosacea, a condition I’ve had it since I was a teen, but have had under control for many years.  Then menopause came a knockin’.

I was less than thrilled that worsening rosacea joined my roster of menopausal symptoms.   As if the rollicking fun of night sweats, sleep issues and hot flashes wasn’t festive enough!  Now facial redness, acne bumps and blotchy skin crashed the party.  The light foundation I used on my face no longer did the trick of evening my complexion.  I began layering on my make-up heavier than ever.  With all that foundation over my dry, blotchy skin, I began to look like a decaying Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her.

I went down the internet research vortex   

I began to wonder if Hormone Replacement Therapy would help with my rosacea problem.    In the past I had written off HRT as having too many side effects, but I was getting desperate.  After reading countless articles about oestrogen and progestogen and the benefits/risks, I still couldn’t land on a “yeay” or “nay”.  To add to the frustration, my lady friends were split down the middle about whether or not HRT was the way to go, so I continued my google-fest.

Two words point me in the right direction

In the midst of my research odessy I read a blurb about rosacea and menopause on one of those clinical medical review sites:  Menopause, skin and common dermatoses. Part 2: skin disorders   and a pair of words led me to think about my skin issue in the bigger picture: Systematic Dermatoses

  Dermatoses is a general term used to describe any skin defect or lesion on the skin. Systemic means it affects the whole body, rather than just one part.   Systemic dermatoses may be linked to problems in other organs.

Rosadyn Rosacea Treatment Supplement

The “affects the whole body” part led me to Rosadyn, a rosacea treatment supplement that describes itself as “working from the inside out”.  By then I had learned that everything going on with my menopausal rosacea was happen inside me. So, I decided to give this product a try.   The testimonials were very good (with some typical naysayers) but enough people had gushed about how much Rosadyn had helped them that I decided to go for it.  Also, they have a pretty great money back guarantee, so there’s that.

Before I swallowed the first Rosadyn capsule I took a deep dive into their ingredients.  I appreciated that their formula was easily accessible on their website and bottle.   (more about their ingredients here My goal was to find out just how a supplement would stop my face from turning into flames eight times a day. 

A page on the Rosadyn website offered a detailed roadmap of how this rosacea treatment supplement works.  I’ll include some bullet points here.  If you want more details, you can go to the page and read the extended version.

From the site:
  • The Rosadyn supplement inactivates and dislodges inflammatory molecules from inflamed cell walls, immune cells, blood vessels and nerve endings (Translation: It contains ingredients that clean up the junk that allows rosacea to flourish)
  • The pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals were chosen to turn off dozens of key inflammatory enzymes and block the production of damaging free radicals and peptides that were the driving force behind the years of rosacea progression (Translation:  They chose some super active ingredients that would guard the gate so that junk cannot come back)
  • Stops the uncontrolled overgrowth of blood vessels that is absolutely key to treating this vascular-based skin disorder.  (Translation: puts your obese blood vessels on a diet)

After absorbing all the big words and data offered by the website, I understood the whole “working from the inside out” concept the supplement offered.  I dove in and made a purchase.

3 Months later

it’s been 3 months since I began taking the Rosadyn supplement and I am beyond pleased.   Not only has my acne rosacea improved, but,…hold on to your wigs and keys…my hot flashes have become less frequent.  A lot less frequent.  Didn’t see that one coming.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But what a great coincidence.  I sent the company an email telling them about my hot flashes diminishing as a pleasant side effect and they were very surprised.  They asked if I’d be willing to write a testimonial about my experience and I said yes.

Testimonial turns into blog post

As an avid blogger, I offered the folks at Vascular Health Specialists (Rosadyn parent company) a blog post as a testimonial and they, see above, welcomed the idea.   🙂

Anne G.

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