Heat, Sun and Rosacea Flares

While summer is beach time for many, the sun and heat can be a trial by fire for rosacea sufferers.  Sun and heat exposure are the #1 and 3 rosacea triggers according to the American Academy of Dermatology.  That means summertime is a dual threat for those with this condition, and can lead many to stay in doors during the daytime hours.  To reduce the risk of worsen their condition, rosacea sufferers must try to avoid these sister trouble makers. In this article we will illustrate how the Rosadyn supplement reduces rosacea sun and heat triggers.

1.  Ultraviolet Rays The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) easily penetrate the skin’s epidermis where they cause cellular death (sunburn).  These rays damage blood vessels, activate inflammatory enzymes and set loose free radicals that trigger intense flushing.  And don’t make the mistake of thinking the window or car glass will protect you from these rays.  They won’t.

2.  Heat Exposure  Heat above 80 degrees Fahrenheit can quickly increase the temperature of facial skin. This temperature increase can activate sensory nerves that cause burning sensations, and trigger facial redness.   


Nature – Skin’s Guard at the Gate


  the number 3 graphic ways the Rosadyn Supplement Protects Against Heat and Sunes Rosacea Sun and Heat Triggers

square graphic of number 1 Insulates Skin From Damaging UV Rays 

Several well chosen ingredients in Rosadyn act as sleeper agents by incorporating themselves into the skin’s outermost layers.  This puts them in a protective position in the plasma fluid.  When the sun hits your skin, the sleeper agents absorb significant amounts of UV rays.  This sponge-like action greatly minimizes sun and heat responses, thereby reducing cellular and vascular damage and facial redness.

It’s In The Trees

Handful of olivesMediterranean Olive Fruit Extract — The Oleuropein extract derived from this particular Olive Fruit is an excellent UV protector. This oral extract has been tested on human skin by a machine that mimic the sun’s UV.   After the experiment, test Subjects suffered sunburn reactions along with cellular damage.  Another examination was then performed on a group who had three days of oral treatment with Oleuropein.  The results of the second test showed no significant sunburn reaction or tissue damage. Olive Fruit Extract appears to have acted in the dermo-epidermal junction to quench UV rays.  It also blunted free radicals and oxidative stress before they reached underlying cells in the dermis.   [ref. 1, 2]  

Eastern White Pine Bark Extract is one of the most effective protectors against the sun’s UV rays.  Countless human clinical studies have demonstrated the protective effect of Pine bark extract against high levels of sun exposure. [ref. 3, 4]   Oral Pine Bark extract even enhances the recovery from a sunburn reaction if one forgets to pre-treat with this supplement.  The active ingredient — Proanthocyanidins — is responsible for this protection.  The higher concentration of this active ingredient in your formula, the stronger the protective actions.  Rosadyn+ incorporates the highest pharmaceutical grade concentrations at 95% Proanthocyanidin content.  The combination of Mediterranean Olive Fruit Extract and Eastern White Pine Bark Extract makes Rosadyn+ a potent oral UV protector.  It is especially useful for people with rosacea or skin that burns easily.

graphic of number 2 Scavenges Dangerous UV-Induced Free Radicals and Turns Off Inflammatory Enzymes

Even while wearing sunscreen, UV radiation triggers the release of destructive free radicals in the skin causing long-term inflammation.  To answer this threat, Rosadyn has incorporated two of the most powerful antioxidant nutraceuticals into its formula.   Maqui Berry and Pomergranate Superfruit.  These two Superfruits turn of key inflammatory enzymes reducing rosacea sun and heat triggers.


Cluster of Maqui Berries

Maqui Berry Superfruit Extract Oral Maqui Berry Superfruit extract is the most potent free radical scavenger available on the market.  Maqui Berry incorporates itself into keratinocytes (skin cells) in the epidermis and dermis making it the perfect protector against free radical generation (Matrix Metalloproteinases, Phosphokinase C and Tumor Necrosis Factor) [ref. 5]


Half open pomergranatePomegranate Superfruit Extract  Oral Pomegranate Superfruit extract is the second strongest antioxidant according to the universal ORAC measurement.  Interestingly Maqui Berry extract and Pomegranate work synergistically to recycle each other.  This ensures they continuously work at their peak for extended periods of time.  Skin cells irradiated with UV rays release numerous types of free radicals in very high concentrations.  These cells also activate the “Master Inflammatory Switch”, an enzyme called NF-Kappa-Beta.  In clinical tests, Pomegranate extract was shown to neutralize almost all UV-induced free radicals and suppress the activity of NF-Kappa-Beta[ref. 6]   These actions make Pomegranate and Maqui berry extract the ideal nutraceuticals to turn off destructive enzymes in the skin. 

the number 3 graphic Blocks UV-Induced Acne Rosacea Breakouts  

UV exposure not only damages skin cells and causes sunburn and facial redness, it often causes acne rosacea outbreaks.   UV radiation often causes inflammatory cells deep in the dermis to migrate up to the skin’s surface.  This leads to clusters of papule outbreaks.    For this reason, we incorporated one of the strongest anti-acne, anti-acne rosacea nutraceuticals into Rosadyn; Mediterranean Olive Fruit Extract.  This exotic extract has been dubbed “the perfect skin supplement” due to its ability to prevent skin eruptions.  (Naturopathic Physicians)

Heat-Induced Flushing

women in front of fan

Rosadyn Reduces Heat Build up in the Skin

Key active ingredients in Rosadyn incorporate themselves into the cell membrane to create a barrier against ambient heat. Once there they enter the plasma fluid surrounding the cells to prevent heat build up.  This action protects the skin from overheating and triggering facial flushing.

Proanthocyanidins from White Pine Bark Extract are central to reducing heat build up in the skin and subsequent heat-induced flushing.  These tiny peptides incorporate themselves into the outer membrane of surface skin cells, strengthening and reinforcing layers of cells.  Normally thin cell plasma membranes would absorb heat, leading to an unhealthy build up.  However, reinforced membranes deflect heat and force most of the warmth back out into the air to naturally dissipate. [ref. 3 and 4]    Furthermore Proanthocyanidins circulate in the fluid surrounding cells which increases the volume and movement of fluid.  Both of these actions significantly reduce heat-induced flushing because sensory nerves in the skin do not “sense” heat build up. 


Rosadyn Reduces Facial Burning/Stinging Sensations 

Image of brain in blueWhen you are exposed to the sun, the UV rays spark sensory nerves that measure heat, burning and stinging sensations.  These stimuli are sent to an area of the brain called the hypothalamus, a major regulatory center for sensory nerves.  The hypothalamus then analyzes these signals and sends back information to each nerve group.  Rosadyn incorporated two key ingredients that help to modulate these sensory nerves and hypothalamic actions, PharmaGaba and L-Theanine.



This nutraceutical increases concentrations of the neurotransmitter — GABA — in the hypothalamus your brain’s thermostat..  GABA has a “calming” effect on the hypothalamus and regulates responses to various triggers.  [ref. 8]  PharmaGABA was incorporated into the Rosadyn Supplement for a very important reason.  When heat triggers the skin, it suppresses the vascular dilation response preventing facial flushing.  It then is able to slowly release skin heat through tiny superficial capillaries.  This is a major benefit to all rosacea sufferers and makes summer heat bearable for many to enjoy outdoor activities.  Furthermore,  when “burning” sensory nerves are activated by heat, the PharmaGABA suppresses the relay of this information to the hypothalamus.   The result:  Those uncomfortable burning and stinging sensations are greatly suppressed in rosacea-affected skin.

L-Theaninebasket L Theanine

L-Theanine is another ingredient in Rosadyn that increases GABA in your brain’s thermostat.  This nutraceudical works as a back up to reduce heat-induced flushing, burning sensations and stinging sensations.  With both PharmaGABA and L-Theanine working together, your brain’s thermostat is prevented from overheating and triggering a rosacea response.



Rosadyn helps target the reduction of two of the top triggers for rosacea flares — summer sun (UV rays) and summer heat.   While there are dozens of rosacea triggers, sun and heat cause the most damage to rosacea skin.  These two foes induce more intense facial flushing, burning and stinging sensations than any other.  In some, sun and heat exposure cause delayed acne rosacea outbreaks hours later.  The Rosadyn supplement was developed not only to heal rosacea, but also to prevent toxic elements from entering the system.   The feedback from our customers suggests a very high success rate in achieving our objective.


Although Rosadyn helps target sun induced rosacea flare and damages from the inside sun protection on the outside is highly recommended too – use quality sunscreen and a protective hat

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