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Summer along with weather changes can cause your rosacea to flare up.  With UV Rays and heat, you have a variety of external options to address the suns rays from sun protection hats and clothing, sunscreens to Rosadyn+ natural ingredients that help with strengthening the bodies response to sun damages   Heat is a big factor in triggering facial redness… Did you know some foods are considered to be cooling foods and some warming according to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine? So, other than the obvious, staying in the shade & indoors, what can what you eat and drink help you to stay cool which can help those suffering with rosacea?

Water rich fruits and plants which are easier for your body to digest therefor require less energy for your body there by decreasing food related internal heat. Secondly, high water value help thin the blood and release heat and toxins.

Basically in the summer and for rosacea sufferers think easy to digest foods to decrease internal temperatures to help reduce food caused flares.

Cooling Foods Do List:

Melons – are mostly water in content and help flush out toxins.
Peaches -contain vitamins A and C, which promote healthy skin
Grapes – anti oxidant and red or dark colored contain resveratrol and flavonoids
Berries – according to Chinese medicine alkaline in nature helps generate “cool energy”
Pineapple – source of an enzyme called bromelain, which is credited for reducing inflammation in the body
Leafy Greens – High water content containing helps with hydration along with excellent nutritional value.
Mint – home remedy to provide cooling effect to the body.
Cucumbers – high water content, fiber and diuretic properties to help flush toxins out of the body.
Avocados – monounsaturated fatty acids help remove heat and toxins from the blood and are a easy to digest

Aloe Vera – Can be in liquid drinkable form for internal cooling but also is a great topical cooling agent to help reduce the heat and intensity of a rosacea flush.

Staying hydrated is important to helping your body to function but also to help you regulate your internal body temperature too.

Yummy Cooling Foods and Drinks to help you stay hydrated.

  • Coconut Water
  • Infused Water put a few slices of cucumber in a pitcher of water along with a lemon and let steep for about an hour to  make a cool and refreshing drink for the summer. You can also do this with other flavorful fruits like pineapple, berries and watermelon too 🙂
  • Herbal teas  made from coriander, fennel seeds and rosewater help to improve metabolism and also help to lower body temperature along with chamomile and peppermint teas ( drink cool vs. hot)
  • Water with infusion – muddle mint and cucumber in a pitcher of water let steap for at least an hour… strain and drink cool
  • Fennel and/or Sabaja (basil) Seeds – soak over night strain and chill a glass of fennel water (Ayurveda md)
  • Yogurt mixed with water  (half and half proportions)and fresh blueberries – we love using organic greek yogurt ( grass fed  dairy or coconut milk based for non dairy)= mix equal proportions of yogurt to water, frozen blueberries, watermelon or mango in a blender with a little ice… cooling and yummy treat.
  • Frozen Grapes – they don’t freeze solid and stay like little slushie type poppers.
  • Cold soups – yes there are great cold soups that are nutritious and good for you. Here are some ideas for cold soups to beat the heat.

What to avoid

  • Fried and salty foods
  • Sugar  – use honey instead or a little organic maple syrup
  • Spicy foods – although in Ayurvedic medicine spicy induces sweat which helps cool body, for rosacea sufferers it is a huge facial redness trigger.
  • Processed and Fast Foods – we know there are healthy options that can be generalized but what we are talking about is foods with huge ingredient lists that you can’t pronounce and fast foods well you know what we are talking about here..
  • Caffeine heavy drinks and Sugar Rich Soda’s and Alcohol.


Dealing with rosacea takes a multi-prong approach and yes food can help decrease flares, progression or intensity of symptoms just like some foods can trigger a flare up.  Chinese to natural medicine have for hundreds of years have shown what a huge impact what you eat can have on your health.  We hope you find some helpful ideas with our “Cooling foods that help to naturally lower your body temperature to reduce rosacea flushing”  to implement on your journey.