[message_box title=”Article Objective” color=”red”]Ocular rosacea can be a distressing condition because the chronic ocular inflammation, irritation, hyper-reactivity, blurred vision and severe dryness can interfere with work, daily activities, social activities and relationships.  Many of the prescription and over-the-counter treatments for this disorder fall short of expectations because they only focus on one or two underlying disturbances.  One of Rosadyn+ primary ingredients, Maqui berry superfruit extract, high in anthocyandins, helps to treat three key dysfunctions associated with ocular rosacea: (1) Lacrimal Gland Inflammation, (2) Ocular Surface Inflammation and (3) Fragile Ocular Surface Blood Vessels.  By normalizing all three layers of the tear film that protects and soothes the eyes, blocking and removing pro-inflammatory substances on the eye surface, and repairing broken blood vessels, the concentrated Maqui extract in Rosadyn+ can be a game-changer for many moderate-to-severe ocular rosacea sufferers.[/message_box]


Ocular Rosacea

Ocular RosaceaAccording to a large National Rosacea Survey taken last year more than half of the rosacea sufferers polled had active ocular rosacea symptoms.  The physicians who performed the survey emphasized that this number is probably much higher because many rosacea sufferers do not know the tell-tale signs of ocular rosacea or incorrectly assume they just suffer from allergies, dry-eye syndrome or blurred vision.  Without the correct treatment ocular rosacea usually worsens over time, making a proper diagnosis critical to treatment.  Below is a list of the most common ocular rosacea symptoms.

 Ocular Rosacea Symptoms

  • Red, blood shot, swollen eye lids
  • Red, blood shot looking  eyes
  • Blood vessels coursing through the whites of the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Sties
  • Red bumps by the eye
  • Crusty eye lids.
  • Itching, burning,and/or stinging sensations.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Feeling as if you always have sand in your eye or a “grittiness”.
  • Light sensitivity
  • Inflammation of the cornea and ‘corneal melting’
  • Corneal abrasions and microabrasions
  • Retinopathy (inflamed, dilated blood vessels that burst)


How Maqui Berry Extract Targets and Treats the Tear Film Layer

Our tear film is made up of three layers – an outer oil (lipid) layer, a middle water (aqueous) layer and a mucous layer that lays directly on the ocular surface. These three layers work together to help maintain the overall health of our eyes and vision… and ward off infection and inflammation. Each time we blink, a protective coating of tears is spread like a film over the surface of our eye. If any layer is inflamed or dysfunctional, ocular rosacea symptoms may develop or worsen.


The tear film serves five important purposes:

  1. Protects and lubricates the eyes
  2. Protects against inflammatory ocular disorders
  3. Reduces the risk of eye infection
  4. Washes away foreign particles
  5. Keeps the surface of the eyes smooth and clear

Inside Rosadyn+  Maqui Berry Superfruit Extract & Ocular Rosacea

What is a Maqui Berry?

Maqui (pronounced “mah-kee”) Berry is a Super Berry, Super Fruit from  an evergreen shrub from Chile and Argentina. Maqui Berry from organic, wild cultivated is the highest antioxidant value known super fruit.  With a ORAC value 30 times higher than the average “acai berry” according to Medical News Today. Rich antioxidant compounds including polyphenols and anthocyanins, such as delphinidins, triterpenes, malvidin, petunidin and various flavonoids. It is the high value in its anthocyanins that classify this berry a “super fruit”

Maqui Berry is also shown beneficial for detox, immune support and anti-inflammatory and is also used to help with  cardiovascular health, diabetes and other serious health conditions.

Ocular Rosacea Inflamed Lacrimal Glands — Increasing the Production of Healthy, Inflammatory-Free Tears

Maqui Berry Superfruit Extract — this nutraceutical extract is an eye’s best friend.  This superfruit enters the Lacrimal gland, incorporates itself into inflamed Lacrimal cells  — increasing tear production by up to 50% and blocking the production of inflammatory cytokines and free radicals that wreak havoc on the eye surface.  Photo below courtesy of Maqui New Life:

How Maqui Berry Helps To Reduce Ocular Rosacea Surface Inflammation and  ‘Bloodshot’ Look

Maqui Berry Superfruit Extract — this nutraceutical extract  helps to repair broken blood vessels, fixes inflamed vessel walls and protects blood vessels from future damage.  Anthocyanidins from this superfruit enter the blood vessel wall and incorporate themselves into areas in need of repair and/or protection.  Just like Pine Bark Extract,  its the anthocyanidins  in Maqui Berry Extract are potent blood vessel “healers”.  If you want to get serious about treating the “bloodshot” look, then Maqui Berry and its high concentration of anthocyanidins are the answer.

Broken blood vessels on ocular surface

Summary Maqui Berry Extract  Benifits For Ocular Rosacea

Rosadyn+ natural rosacea treatment support contains clinical concentrations of Maqui Berry Extract.

Maqui Berry Extract inside of Rosadyn+  to target three primary causes of ocular rosacea: (1) Lacrimal Gland Inflammation, (2) Ocular Surface Inflammation, and (4) Fragile Ocular Surface Blood Vessels that are broken or permanently dilated.  By normalizing all three layers of the tear film that protects and soothes the eyes, blocking and removing pro-inflammatory substances on the eye surface, and helping to repair broken blood vessels.


* We do strongly recommend if you currently are undergoing medical treatments, on prescription medications for any medical conditions that you seek approval from your medical professional first before taking any supplements, changing lifestyle or dietary changes that may affect your condition or treatments.