Care Share Rosacea Rewards Program at Rosadyn

rosacea share care, rosacea treatment community questions ideas and tips.Welcome to our new care and share program. Help us help you and the rosacea community at large.

What we envision this to be is a way for all of us to suffering from rosacea to help each other find information on, products, learn about alternative methods and healing, and stay updated on new discoveries.  Your opinion and input matters.

We feel that this sense of community participation is a great healing force. “It takes a village” right?

How to participate and join our Rosacea sharing and caring rewards:

  • For Rosadyn users, subscribers list. *register your comments using valid email when commenting.
    If your a current Rosadyn user or newsletter subscriber, please use the same email when signing up to comment.
  • From our  BLOG menu option, look for the ROSACEA SHARE CARE button, click it
    You will see all our “questions posed to you” as well as other questions sent to us via the community.
    Click on any of the titles you see to open up the full question or topic. Please, add your comments  call for your input, opinion and recommendations on various rosacea topics.
    Notice is sent either via email newsletter or via latest blog post requesting input on various rosacea topics.
  • Each “care share” will be  “time limited” for the reward(s) offered but your welcome to contribute to any topic after the award period to help your community and fellow rosacea suffers.

When you comment on the posts that are market “Care Share”  what we will do is:

  • We will put out a basic question, request for input, share you favorite or other topic input requests.  Participants will then fill in their thoughts and opinions on the topic with in the comment area on the post. (requires comment registration)
  • Enter into the drawing by answering within “comments”  section at bottom of the article. Your contributions will be left in-tact.  Note however we reserve the right to remove or not publish unrelated to the topic comments, inflammatory, discriminatory, threatening, spam or sexually explicit posts.
  • Depending on the depth of the topic, we may or may not summarize within the body content of  the particular post.
  • We will make topic available across multiple social networks.

Award Bonus: We aim to make your participation fun too!

To be eligible to win we will put a time-frame around eligibility answer within that period you will be in the running.

We will also state what that calls prize will be as well as how many winners we will select randomly

Win one or two ways or both:

  • We will randomly draw from eligible participants for any of the following
    a. 20% off your next purchase coupon
    b. Free product included in your next shipment
    c. Gift certificates or other cool incentives.•Good Answer Awards – awarded via team Rosadyn at random.
    a. Craft a great answer that others find useful, share, tweet and like and you could win too.
    b. Frequent participant winner, this is a prize is for outstanding participation and help to our growing rosacea community.

Rules: Award contest is for Rosadyn registered users as winners will be notified via email. Eligible prize winners who contribute during the stated period will be drawn at random. Prize awards have no cash value and are only for the stated prize.

Go Participate, Help Others

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