Announcement: CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

We know that the many of you are concerned about Coronavirus (COVID-19). We at Vascular Health Specialists – makers of Rosadyn, want you to know the health and safety of our customers and employees are our top priority. We are fortunate to work in an industry that requires a high degree of cleanliness and sanitation. Besides the advanced hygiene standards of our own environment, our manufacturers have sent out detailed steps they have taken to monitor production areas at an even higher level then before. This over-abundance of caution is focused on ensuring sanitation and prevention at the highest level.

Fulfillment and inventory may slow down a bit during our adjustment to this crisis, but rest assured we are still in business and will continue to provide high quality, effective Rosacea care products to our valued customers. (Side note: we are releasing a new product soon. Rosadyn Eye Crème with Manuka Honey MGO250)

ROSADYN Capsules: We will be temporarily limiting Capsule purchases to 1 bottle per customer to maintain enough inventory to last until we are restocked (mid April).  Part of the delay is due to our lab/manufacturer being able to receive ingredients in a timely fashion given logistics (trucks to supply chain) are diverting attention to supplying the essential goods and services we all rely on.

Pre-orders: For orders of 3 or more bottles of the Capsules, we have activated Pre-orders on the website and will fulfill them in the order in which they were received once we are restocked.  When our in-stock single bottles run out, pre-ordering will activate for listing as well

We appreciate your understanding and wish health and safety to you and your families.

All of us at Vascular Health Specialists