Importance of Sunblocks for Rosacea

Dermatologists agree that sun exposure is one of the biggest triggers for rosacea progression and recommend that all rosacea sufferers wear daily sunblock for protection.

sun is a top trigger for rosacea - 5 top reviewed rosacea sunscreensThe National Rosacea Society (NRS)  lists sun exposure as the second most common rosacea trigger and human clinical studies funded by NRS grants demonstrate that even short exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV rays) from the sun can:

  • Cause extensive damage to the outer layer of facial skin.
  • Cause broken blood vessels.
  • Destroy the collagen and elastin in our connective tissue.
  • Stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.
  • Cause the release of potent dilators from rosacea-affected skin cells.

The negative affects of sun exposure on rosacea skin cannot be overemphasized and all rosacea sufferers should be proactive in protecting skin from damaging UV rays with daily application of sunblock.

Importance of Skin Protectants for Rosacea Skin

Rosacea specialists have demonstrated that the outer layer of rosacea skin, which forms a protective barrier from environmental insults, is physically abnormal, extremely thin and no longer acts as a protective barrier  for most rosacea sufferers.  This abnormality, combined with blood vessels that dilate easily and often, leads to hyper-sensitive skin that reacts intensely to sun exposure.  Therefore, one key to rosacea treatment is to find a protective barrier cream.

Three substances have been shown in rosacea clinical studies to exert excellent skin protective actions — micronized zinc oxide, dimethicone and cyclomethicone.

Below are some important clinical findings on the beneficial actions of these three skin protectants:

  • Well tolerated on rosacea skin.  Skin protectants such as zinc oxide, dimethicone and cyclomethicone are usually non-irritating and non-sensitizing to rosacea skin.
  • Decreases heat build-up on the facial skin from UV sun rays.  Because zinc oxide reflects sunlight from the facial skin, it decreases sun-induced heat build up on the skin — this is very important to rosacea skin as heating the skin often triggers flushing.
  • Decreases physical damage to facial skin.  Zinc oxide, dimethicone and cyclomethicone protect the skin from UV-induced free radicals that damage facial blood vessels and skin cells.
  • Adds an invisible barrier to the outer layer of facial skin.  These important skin protectants enhance the outer epidermal layer which increases the skin’s overall protective ability.
  • Helps reduce facial redness.  All three ingredients have soothing and anti-inflammatory actions which often reduce facial redness.
  • Helps heal damaged/abnormally thin rosacea skin.  Topical zinc oxide has significant skin healing and thickening actions.


Now you can Combine Sunblocks with Skin Protectants

Many sunblocks and moisturizing day creams now use microfine zinc oxide, dimethicone and cylomethicone as their primary active ingredients.  Thus, quality skin care companies are now making three-in-one products that are ideal for rosacea skin because they act as a sunblock, skin protectant and anti-redness product.   It is important to emphasize that advancements in microfine zinc oxide technology now result in a topical zinc oxide that is invisible to the naked eye, elegant, non-greasy, and enhances the healing actions of topical zinc oxide as the smaller particles can incorporate themselves more effectively into the outer skin barrier.  Zinc oxide concentrations in these combination sunblock/skin protectant products range from 2% to 14% with the ideal concentrations falling in the 5% to 8% range.

[message_box title=”Testing, Sensitivity & Time” color=”red”]  Please be patient when testing out topical skin protectant products because it usually takes rosacea sufferers some trial and error to find the right cream or lotion that feels good on hyper-reactive skin and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.[/message_box]

Top Five Sunblock Recommendations for Rosacea Sufferers

(1) New – Paula’s Choice Hydralight Shine Free Mineral Complex SPF 30

  • This is one of the best sunblock/skin protectants on the market for rosacea sufferers
  • The primary active ingredients include microfine zinc oxide (6%), and high concentrations of dimethicone and cyclomethicone
  • High concentrations of Green Tea Extract were added to help block sun’s rays, reduce inflammation and actively treat rosacea redness
  • Other anti-inflammatory ingredients include licorice extract, chamomile, allantoin, glycerin and panthenol
  • This product was developed for rosacea and highly sensitive skin — and doubles as a facial redness treatment product
  • This light lotion provides a soft, matte finish ideal for men and women
  • You can read the entire ingredient list and purchase this product directly from Paula’s Choice:


(2) New Formula – Rosacea Care’s Sunscreen with SPF 30 (Formerly called ZincO)

  • This is one of  the best sunblock/skin protectants on the market for rosacea sufferers with a greatly improved formulation
  • The primary active ingredients include Zinclear, “the most advanced microfine zinc oxide on the market”, at an astonishing 13.5% and also includes high concentrations of dimethicone
  • The new formulation includes Thiotaine®, a potent antioxidant that blocks damaging UV rays and reduces facial redness
  • This product also contains red algae extract and willowherb which both treat rosacea redness and reduces skin hyper-reactivity
  • This formula contains the highest concentration of Zinc Oxide on the market which is excellent for skin protection and healing of the outer skin layer; the new ZinClear® formula will not clog pores of cause outbreaks
  • This product can be purchased directly from Rosacea Care:


(3) New – IS Clinical PerecTint Treatment Sunscreen SPF 25

  • This is an excellent product for rosacea sufferers that blocks damaging UV rays while treating superficial rosacea symptoms
  • The primary active ingredients are microfine zinc oxide (2.94%) and high concentrations of dimethicone
  • Olive leaf extract was incorporated to hydrate dry, dehydrated rosacea skin without causing oiliness
  • Centella Asiatica extract is one of the best topicals for healing and thickening damaged rosacea skin
  • PerfecTint® was added to cover redness and improve skin’s appearance while looking completely normal on skin; this new technology is excellent and can be used by males and females
  • This product can be purchased at:


(4) PCA Skin® Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30

  • This is a superb sunblock/skin protectant produced by one of the top skin care companies in the market that specializes in treating rosacea and inflammatory skin disorders
  • The primary active ingredients include microfine zinc oxide (4.3%) and high concentrations of dimethicone
  • This product was developed and incorporated into a whole leaf aloe vera base lotion designed for the most sensitive skin
  • This product contains Silybum Marianum extract which has been proven in clinical studies to reduce rosacea redness and superficial skin inflammation.
  • This product also incorporated their hallmark ingredient, Sodium PCA, which is an excellent skin hydrator that does not cause oiliness or irritate the skin
  • This product can be purchased at:


(5) Quintessence Skin Science® Q-Shade SPF 30

  • This is an excellent sunblock/skin protectant that uses the latest technology with phyto-melanin to provide three tint shades (light, medium, dark) that look flawless on rosacea skin while simultaneously hiding rosacea redness, blotchiness and broken blood vessels
  • The primary ingredients include microfine zinc oxide (3% ), and high concentrations of dimethicone and cyclomethicone
  • The addition of a natural tint to actively cover moderate-to-severe rosacea symptoms should help give rosacea sufferers peace of mind while protecting their skin – males and females can use this tint due to its ability to blend into skin
  • The high concentrations of green tea extract and whole leaf aloe vera extract make this product a great choice for rosacea-sensitive skin
  • This product can be purchased at:

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